St Peter's Churchyard

The Parish of Malvern Link with Cowleigh

To keep our churchyard suitably respectful, peaceful and safe, the Church authorities have issued regulations and guidelines.


After A burial, the ground must be given time to settle, before the erection of a headstone.  After six months or more (depending on the level of rainfall), and before the erection of a headstone, the ground will be leveled and the turf replaced.

Permission for a headstone or tablet is by formal application to the Vicar.  This is usually done via a reputable stonemason who will advise about statutory fees and permitted dimensions, materials, designs and wording, and will help you complete the application.

The design of the headstone or tablet may include integral flower receptacles.  No other flower container or pot of any kind is permitted on the grave, whether on the headstone (or tablet) or on the grass.

An ashes tablet must be completely flat and level with the grass.  Other than an incorporated receptacle for flowers, no other additions are permitted. 

A simple wooden cross, whether temporary or permanent, is an alternative to a headstone, and formal application and fees are still required.  

Home-made headstones, tablets or wooden crosses are not permitted.

A temporary marker is permitted if supplied and installed by the funeral directors at the time of the burial.  Typically, these are a few inches square and tall and have an incorporated plaque for the name and dates of the deceased.


Please note that the Worcester Diocesan Registry prohibits permission being given by the Vicar and Churchwardens for the introduction into a churchyard of any of the following:

•any crosses, stones or other memorials for which official approval has not been given

•edgings, kerbs, barriers, grit, gravel (all of which have not been permitted for many years)

•planted gardens (other than bulbs)

•artificial flowers, except in incorporated flower receptacles, though they must be removed when faded

•vases, pots, troughs, lights, statues, windmills, chimes, toys, trinkets, cards, letters, photographs 

All not permitted items may be removed and disposed of without notice.

Christmas and anniversary wreaths/bouquets and winter and sng bulbs, immediately in front of the headstone /cross/marker are the only permitted exceptions.

Vicar: Peter Knight (01684 566054) 
Churchwarden: Andrew Judd (01684 893858)